Siblings Re-enact Childhood Photos – HILARIOUS!

Bathtub family photo

Recreated Bathtub

Mom & Dad Engagement Picture

Mom & Dad Engagement Picture 30 Years Ago

My parents 30th wedding anniversary is August 25, 2015. To celebrate we threw them a surprise party with their closest family and friends. I also got the idea to re-enact childhood photos, taken in similar clothing and similar locations, and compile them into a book for them to laugh at for years to come.


Here’s how we did it!

  1. Gather old family photos with your siblings.
    Look for photos that are clear; More people, less objects. Photos with funny faces and clothing make for awesome recreations!

2. Take the photo selections to your closet! You might have some standard pieces that can be used or that dreaded ugly sweater from years ago.

Make a list of any items you are missing and head to your local Value Village or thrift shop for cheap buys. We even got a few items from a local department store (keep the tags on and return!)

We had a blast scouring the thrift shop shelves for ugly sweaters and dresses.

(TIP: if you find the perfect outfit but its not your size –
cut open the back of the dress or shirt!!)

3.  Make a list of locations you can shoot at to get the same backgrounds as the pictures. Luckily for us, my grandmother had the same beige curtains, ottomans, couches and Christmas tree for the last 25+ years. We even visited the tree located in front of our old house! No one was home or we would`ve officially asked to use their tree in our photo!

4. Get your friend (or husband) to be the awesome photographer and director! Bringing the photos to each shooting location helps to draw out the same expressions and poses.

5. Most importantly, have fun with it! I can honestly say my brothers and I had a blast recreating these photos for my parents. (see bloopers below)

Our parents laughed and smiled and were truly thrilled!
`Remember this day` or  ÒMG look at this one!` were heard over and over!

Check out the final product here:

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Siblings: Philip, Faye, Alexander
Photographer/Director: Kyri

A Cross-Border Love Story

 Welcome to our new engagement series!
In this series we explore local couples who found love in extraordinary ways.

Part One: Meet Soraya & Matt. Their love story transcended the US/Canadian border!

All photos courtesy of: Michelle Fox Photography

Full names of Bride and Groom: Soraya McCloud & Matthew Wilks
Backgrounds: Soraya is a Hispanic American, from Chicago – Her Mother is from Ecuador, her father is from Mexico. Matt is Canadian, originally from Ajax, Ontario. 

How did you meet? 

Soraya: Matt and I first met in 2003, on the internet, playing Yahoo Pool. This was before internet dating was popular, photos were easily available, and communicating over the internet was mainstream. All we knew of each other is that we liked to play pool, our icons were cute, and we had great discussions in the Yahoo Pool chat room. We’d meet up almost every night to play against each other and chat.
Matt: I always let her beat me at pool.
Soraya: Eventually after a few months, we exchanged numbers and addresses. We began to call and write letters to each other. My letters were always like 3 pages long, with drawings and stickers. Matt’s tended to be a little shorter, but he has always been good at saying more with less words.
Matt: Quality over quantity.
Soraya: After some time, we decided to meet in person. I traveled to Toronto later that year. Thinking about it now, it was absolutely insane. What if he wasn’t who he said he was? What if he was a serial killer? The even crazier part is that our parents did not know this was happening. I can’t even remember what I told my parents. (Sorry Parents, if you are reading this).
Matt: I knew she’d show up and I’m glad she wasn’t a serial killer as well. I had a feeling she was the one even before we met though.
Soraya: Luckily, everything turned out well. He looked exactly like his 8th grade picture. Yes, that is what he sent me because he said that is all he had. He picked me up in his white pick-up, that he liked to call, White Lightning.
Matt: I sold White Lighting the summer of 2014 after 12 wonderful years together. We still have our first picture together in the truck.

Matt & Soraya10 Matt & Soraya12

What was your first date? Our first date was Wendy’s. There really was nothing romantic about it. It was the day after the first day we met. We were university students, so we didn’t have that much money – but I think we ordered off the 99 cents menu!

Matt & Soraya4

How did Matt propose?

Soraya: Almost a year after living together, Matt proposed! We were on a holiday in Dominican Republic this past December. Just like a fairy tale, Matt planned an unforgettable proposal. It happened on December 17th, mid week through our vacation. The day itself was perfect. We had a couples massage planned in the afternoon, followed by a private, romantic dinner on the beach that evening.
Matt: Oh yeah, Oh yeah. She said yes. I was planning to propose at sunset on a dock. There was another couple getting wedding photos on the dock and I only had 10 minutes to kick them off before the sun went down. Soraya said it was okay to keep walking down the beach, but I insisted we wait for the dock. Luckily seconds later they left with 5 minutes to spare. I got down on one knee and proposed.
Soraya: While it was a complete surprise, I was hoping that he’d propose before the end of 2014 – and he did, so perfectly. I felt like one of those girls in those fairy tale movies, except it was real and perfectly executed.

Matt & Soraya17 Matt & Soraya3Matt & Soraya13

What are your favourite things to do as a couple?

  • Watch hockey at our local bar – I cheer for Chicago (always!) and Matt cheers for the Leafs.
  • We like to go on walks, explore the city – but only when it’s warm out! We especially love the Toronto Islands
  • We like to go on long bike rides
  • We like to watch various TV shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette – MATT LOVES IT – he won’t admit it to you if you ask him.
  • We like going out to eat and trying new restaurants – Mainly I reserve it and he pays for it.

Matt & Soraya8 Matt & Soraya14

Our funny stories:

  • Being from two different Countries we have a lot of differences – like Matt’s accent. Took me a bit to get used to all the Eh’s and Aboots, but I am just about there myself and I can now naturally throw in an Eh in my conversations.
  • When I first moved to Toronto, I believe this happened within our first week, Matt randomly work up in the middle of the night to fix his pillow with his head and slams his head down, only it was my face. He completely head butted me. I woke up abruptly, and said ‘whyyy’ as I grab my nose. Matt then woke up and we both laughed about it for an hour straight. It was hard to fall back asleep after that.

What makes your engagement/relationship unique? Our relationship/story is unique because of how we met. 12 years ago that was not common. In fact, I think we made up some lies initially when telling people how we met. It’s crazy how we kind of have felt like we always knew 12 years ago we’d both be the one for each other but the path we took to get here was long and crazy but we never gave up. We promised if we were both still single by 30, we’d marry each other. According to Matt – if this had not happened, this was his plan to marry me.
Matt & Soraya9Question for the GROOM: What do you love about her?
I love her laugh, smile, cleanliness, and EVERYTHING.

Question for the BRIDE: What do you love about him?
I love EVERYTHING about Matt – he is the most generous, kindest, humblest guy I have ever met. He is SOO ridiculously patient with me. He has the biggest heart, and I have never felt so loved and complete by his love in my entire existence.

Matt & Soraya16

What was your inspiration or desire for your engagement shoot?

Our biggest requirement for our location was comfort. We live right across the street from Round House park, so we spend a lot of time there.

Matt & Soraya5

When is your wedding date? We will be getting married in Chicago on August 1st, 2015.
Wedding Venue: Rivers Restaurant along the Chicago River. The venue is outside surrounded by city lights in the Financial District of Chicago.
Theme/Décor inspiration: Simple City – Overall, we want to keep it simple and our main goal of the night is that everyone is comfortable and has a great time.
Bridal Party : We will have 3 groomsmen/bridesmaid including best man and maid of honor. My bridesmaids are close friends and my maid of honor is my cousin who is basically like the sister I never had. Matt drew straws with his 3 best friends a few years ago – so his decisions were set in stone!
Ceremony type: We will be married at Holy Name Cathedral – Catholic ceremony.

What are you most excited for at your wedding? The overall experience to share our love with all our guests and declare our love once and for all! 🙂 

Where are you going on your honeymoon? No idea! That is the only thing Matt is responsible for.

Favourite marriage tip: Be kind and generous to each other.

Final words: The past few months of our life have been a whirlwind. We could not be any happier with our lives and the support we have from our family and friend.  I only wish this happiness and love to everyone in the world.

Family & friends leave your comments below ❤

Matt & Soraya’s Wedding Site:

Thank you Michelle for sharing your wonderful photos.
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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Toronto

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So Valentine’s Day is two days away and you forgot to make that restaurant reservation? or cannot think of something special for your loved one? Not to worry – we have 5 unique date ideas that will save the day!

1. Artsy Love – Paintlounge

Express your creativity at this DIY paint studio open to artists of any skill level. Bond over creating artwork together or work on two separate pieces and make it a competition. Here’s another idea: paint portraits of each other! The employees are great at teaching you skills and providing guidelines so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Here’s what we made our first time:

Cost: $20-40
Location: Markham, Downtown Toronto East, Downtown Toronto West

2. LOL Laughter

Cannibal the Musical
With two shows on Valentine’s Day the much anticipated release of Trey Parkers musical (Co-Creator of South Park and Book of Mormon Musical) should be on your list. Laugh at the witty, uncomfortable and borderline offensive jokes that Trey is so popular for while enjoying a masterfully choreographed production and entertaining musical numbers.

Cost: $40-108 (use code: VALENTINE to receive a sweet discount)
Location: Panasonic Theatre
*For a more romantic musical check out the award winning ‘ONCE’

3.  Kickin’ it Old School – Skate Night

Harbourfront Centre DJ Skatenight
Brace the cold! Bundle up in your cutest winter gear and Skate the night away at the beautiful Harbourfront Centre rink. Dancehall/Hip-Hop DJ Yes Yes Y’all will be spinning tunes from 8pm-11pm on Valentine’s Day. Great chance to hold hands and share a kiss in the moonlight.


Cost: FREE, Rentals ($8)
Location: Harbourfront Centre

4.  Aphrodisiac

50 Shades of Grey – The Movie
If you are able to drag your significant other to see this highly anticipated movie, movie experts say you are in for a movie with 22 minutes of sex scenes. The movie based on the best selling book, explores the world of BDSM and an erotic romantic relationship. Like the book, many are anticipating the arousal you will experience from this tale. Apparently you are also in for some awkward chemistry between the main actors.

Cost: $10-15 plus snacks
Location: Playing at major theatres nationwide (we recommend Cineplex VIP theatres)

5. Animal Lovers

So You Think You Can Romance – Toronto Zoo
Experience a romantic themed dinner and a fun tour of the Toronto Zoo learning about animal love and reproduction. Includes special animal encounters and a group presentation.

Cost:$70 per Member ($130 per Member couple)
$80 per Non-member ($150 per Non-member couple)
Location: Toronto Zoo (Scarborough East)
*Update: Saturday, February 14th is SOLD OUT. Availability  on Friday, February 13th.
Here are just a handful of unique ideas that get you away from the dinner rush. Best of all, these date ideas are great for hanging out with your friends too!

Let us know what your plans are for Valentine’s Day by commenting below.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Some simple and cute ideas for Valentine’s day. DIY ideas & inexpensive – perfect!

tfs confessions

Every Valentine’s Day I try to come up with a new, crafty, caringgift for my boyfriend! This year I came up with a few ideas I thought I would share!

  1. A bag of his favorite things


This is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts. Nothing says I love you more than a package filled with your mans favorite beer and jerky. This is something that isn’t going to put a huge dent in your pocket but it will show your man how much you really care for him.

  1. Food Passport


This is perfect for the couples who go out to eat to the same place every Friday night. Its a book filled with restaurants in town and on every date night you go to a random page and pick an unmarked restaurant. This Valentine’s day gift will keep on giving for many more weeks to come.

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The Blushing Bride – Pink & Gold Wedding

The vision was to create a romantic and rustic wedding shoot with a whimsical undertone. The beautiful colour palette incorporated blush pinks, whites and creams, and hints of gold; the perfect colours for the season! This style is ideal for the romantic, down to earth bride who loves flowers, ruffles, lace and everything pink!

Photos by: Samantha Ong Photography

Photos by: Samantha Ong Photography

The Trillium Trails Banquet & Conference Centre is a Bavarian style lodge with impressive grounds showcasing lush hills, an adorable foot bridge over a pond, a stone foot path and plenty of blossoming trees. The grounds focal point is a deluxe white arbor that spans the ceremony space. We decorated the main alter space with a custom made paper garland that showcased white doilies, white ruffled cones, and pops of pink textured flowers.

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The table was dressed with a medium weight lace overlay, with a pink tablecloth peering through the intricate lace pattern. The romantic, whimsical feel was carried through the place setting which included ruffled edge bone china plates and lightweight stainless steel cutlery. Wine and champagne glasses sparkled and added a touch of elegance to the rustic table.

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Avoiding the single centerpiece design, we went with 3 pink-gold mirrored vases and 3 clear glass lantern vases showcasing a variety of soft, luscious flowers, and creating a casual cascading centerpiece. The table was anchored by a lovely floral table-number frame, and mini-frames with guest names for a personalized seating experience.

The stationary included a circular rose-print style menu card with charming font. The invitations were stunning with a white invitation card dressed up with a gold painted doily overlay, elegant font, and a blush pink envelope with a rose pattern peek-a-boo interior. The whimsical program cards featured a pictogram wedding party on a rustic cardstock. The ‘Just Married’ sign continued the floral theme and was a perfect touch of whimsy for wedding photographs.

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The striking two-tier cake sat upon a magical ruffled edge cake stand. It featured a soft blush ruffle layer dusted with a hint of gold on the edges sitting beneath a white pearl beaded layer topped with a flower with delicate pink petals and a jewel-like gold center.

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The white romantic wedding dress with beaded sweetheart neckline and a-line tulle skirt provided an effortlessly dreamy silhouette. The bride wore elegant drop pearl earrings, with a matching pearl necklace and double pearl bracelet, not to outshine the classic, singular stone engagement ring. The bride’s beauty was enhanced with soft natural blush lips, pink hue eye shadow, mascara and liner to enhance her eye shape, and an overall warm wedding glow. Her hair was styled down with loose, natural curls allowing bounce and movement.

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The whimsical floral headpiece focused on mini pink roses to frame the bride’s lovely face. Her stunning bouquet featured peonies, roses and other soft florals creating a blush-peach-pink-rose palette. The greenery added interest and brought back the rustic outdoors feel to the bouquet wrapped up with white lace and pearl pins.
View More:  View More:   View More:

From beginning to end the ‘Blushing Bride’ wedding shoot focused on romantic, whimsical elements in a gorgeous rustic setting. The blush pink, white and gold wedding palette is a classic, beautiful scheme suitable for a bride who enjoys a romantic rustic atmosphere with delicate ruffle and lace touches.

View More: More:

Event Decor and Styling by: Events Your Way

Photography: Samantha Ong Photography
Make-Up & Hair: Karen Kim Beauty
Jewelry: My Epiphany Co
Cake: Cakes By Shmi
Wedding Dress: The One Bridal
Invitations: Empress Paper Crafts
Floral Design: Midge Flower Designs


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6 Things To Include In Your Vows

1. The Beginning
Include something about how you met, your first date or that serendipitous reason why you are together.

2. The Present
Include something about how he/she makes you feel today.

3. The Future
Include something you’re looking forward to as you share your lives together. I.e. Growing Old, Having Children

4. The Promise
Include a promise or vow to solidify your marital commitment. I.e. I promise to love you in sickness and in health.

5. The Personal
Include a personal sentiment, an inside joke you share or a special moment that embodies your unique bond. I.e. Our grandparents have been married for over 50 years, I can`t wait to continue that tradition with you.

6. The Love
Say I love you and express it in more than one way!

Most of all remember that today is your day to express your love and commitment to one another. So however you tackle writing vows, stay true to yourself and your relationship.

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10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique


1. Food Experience
Drop the standard 3-5 course sit down wedding meal and opt for a unique food experience!
This can include:
-Food stations (guests get to try and experience a different food event at each station, ie.pulled pork station, cheese station, pasta station, smores bar, candy bar)
-Cocktail Reception Only (less money, more food options, guests socialize more)
-Live Cooking/Serving (live cooking is an experience in itself! ie. Saganaki (flaming cheese), chocolate making (truffles anyone?), sushi rolling (as fresh as it can get!)

2. Reception Setup
Change up the standard banquet hall table rounds and head table and choose a more interesting setup. Try using long rectangular tables, square tables, a sweetheart table (for the bride & groom only), high top cocktail tables.

3. Hire a band!
That’s right! Go back to an old standard and avoid the cookie cutter DJ. Hiring a band can really add spice, personality and warmth to your entertainment line-up.

4. Personalize, personalize, personalize!
Customize your wedding by adding initials or monograms to napkins, wine glasses, your favors, dance floor decals, LED light screens, decals on the bar, and more! There is no limit to the amount of parts of a wedding can be personalized. Having said that, don’t go overboard, you are already the center of attention after all!

5. Pop of color
Express your personal style by adding a pop of color to an unexpected place. Colorful wedding shoes for the bride, funky sneakers and dress socks for the groom and groomsen, dress sashes on the bridesmaids, unique hair pieces, or even a vibrant lip can give your day a little more personality!

Embrace 2014 trends by opting for a pink wedding dress or gold accents!

6. Give it a name!
Name you reception tables based on your wedding theme. For example:
-Travel theme: name each table a place you have travelled to
-Red or any color theme: use different shades of color – rose, ruby, crimson, etc
-Old Hollywood: classic movie titles – Casablanca, Gone with the Wind..
-Luxury wedding: precious stones or materials –  Diamond, Platinum, Gold

7. The wedding program
Avoid the standard one sided printed wedding program and have some fun! Try an exciting format like Newspaper Style (EXTRA EXTRA read all about it!), brochure, photo collage, or printed on a fan (does double duty for outdoor weddings).

8. Make us kiss!
While the traditional ‘clinking of the glasses’ is a good way to make the bride and groom kiss, there are even more unique ways! Give a lyric sheet of your favourite love song to each table, when they want the bride and groom to kiss, every member of that table must stand and sing the song (funny & sweet!).

9. Make it meaningful
Say thanks to out of town guests by writing a special note on the day of (“Glad you could make it, it wouldn’t be the same without you here”) or by making a welcome basket with thoughtful toiletries for their stay.

10. It’s your day, do it your way!
Finally, remember that the day is about the love between the bride & groom, so embrace your personalities and do what makes you happy!

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